As a mother of two I find it very important to do activities with my kids. These activities can be

large, small, indoors, outdoors, inexpensive or even a little pricey just as long as I’m spending quality time with my little ones. Plenty of my peers whom are mothers always say CC your always keeping yourself busy and  finding different places to take your children “besides the park”. I love when they say that. I take pride in it. I may not be able to afford Disney on a regular basis or take mini vacations every year but I sure will find the cheapest tickets to a childrens’ play of Cinderella in Central Park, have a Tea Party for my 8 yr old daughter at a neighborhood tea shop or maybe even take my kids outside for a beautiful autumn day of leaf picking.

AS parents we must take our own wonderful childhood memories or lack thereof and  create new and lasting memories with our children.

The resources are all around us. With a lil imagination and a little bit of money (cuz i am a very frugal person) we can make New York our childs’ playground.

CC’s kidz is also a Grassroots organization.

As a  proposed 501(C)(3) organization CC’s kidz  serves families in  the greater borough of Brooklyn . Our mission is to provide ongoing opportunities for young single mothers primarily between the ages of 16-25 to bond with their children at various cultural events and institutions. We are looking to expose mothers from marginalized communities to the diverse experiences of New York City which include the following:

Lincoln Center
NYC Opera
Broadway /off Broadway shows
Kids ARt exhibits
Brooklyn Based Establishments and  MORE!!!

Please help us create an empowering experience and support for young mothers in our community and eventually around the World.

TO reiterate  this blog is for:

*Family activities ( fun, affordable and interesting)

*Tips and advice for young moms

*Resources for you and your children

* Ratings of people, places and things

*Info and links to other helpful sites

*Commentary  and discussion

*and a chance to become part of our grassroots community.

(Remember this blog is a conversation btwn me and all of you. So I want your comments, questions and feedback)

Have Fun!



    1. It was wonderful meeting you at the Ultimate Block Party and hearing about the incredible work that you do with and for our community. Thank you for posting your wonderful play photos in the Pop-Up Adventure. They certainly illustrate the power of play! I hope our paths cross again soon.
      Warm regards,
      Liza (from Chicago)


  1. Im So thankful for this opportunity that you have created where parents can get together to talk and explore the various things that are Right Here in our community for OUR kids! you are reaching out to a new age of parents and children who have occupied themselves with what society constantly feeds us through technology, Magazines and a fast-paced world where a lot of things are left out or forgotten about. Thanks for bringing things to the forefront for our children and helping Mothers in need! plz continue and best wishes and success!


  2. To have a positive group of individuals all working towards the better good of our kids is heartwarming. There is so much that can be focused on in this world, especially the bad. I am thrilled to even know about this organization!!! My son is exposed to the many arts and activities the city has to offer and not to mention a new circle of friends, and I in turn have a whole network of moms to share experiences with.
    Young and old families needed an organization like CC’s Kidz for a while now. I’m glad it is finally here.


  3. I am an artist from Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu state,India. Great service on your part… I appreciate. In our country, most famous for the joint family culture, is changing now to nuclear family setup. We are also in need of such services to young mothers. Good work…keep it up


    1. I am so happy they have that service for young mothers. It makes me feel like I’m not alone on my mission. Thank you

      Sent from my iPhone


  4. Hi my name is AJ i would like to give your organization some free discount prescription cards. You can save money or make with the cards. Card are excepted at walgreens,walmrt,kroger,target to name a few. Cards make exceptional fundraisers. Giving users 10%to75 % off prescriptions. Sometimes cheaper than insurance prescript programs. Please take a look at my website http://www.cheapscripts.provisionrx.com. Lets help the Brooklyn community and make money for cc kidz. Hope to hear from you soon!


  5. Hello, CC. I am wanting to donate some money, but the link is not functional. Not sure if you know that??
    Perhaps we can mail you a check…
    Jill & Michael


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