Fathers Day: Are you raising a Father?and finding a “DAD village”

We live in a society where one would most likely buy a baby doll for a young girl than a boy. This action may immediately pave the way for her to be a mother. Why don’t we do the same for boys? I wonder.

When I think about Fathers Day I immediately stretch my imagination to a future where there’s a very high possibility that my sun will be a Father. If and when that day happens I would like him to look back and say that hes had some great male role models in his life…. showing him the way; and I’m aware that he needs to see male role models that look like him, live in his community and understand the struggles of a man … a father. In turn I created my “dad village” , A community of men whom I trust, and whose opinions I value. A community of uncles, cousins and neighbors. Men who can show my sun things I am unable to. You know the saying ‘it takes a village…’ . That concept, but dads only.

But I’m aware that seeing my sun in the future as a father deters me from seeing him now, beautifully made and growing, as he is in this moment so I digress…

My Sun and I (flashback)
Being silly in the moment
Appreciating him for who is now.

Here’s a list of organizations in my community that has a bunch of resources. Maybe… you can create your own make village too.

100 black men of New York ,

Rise Boro is also a program within our community and has is looking for mentors,

A Better Chance is an international program!


Fiver has a really cool all year program.

Do you know of any in the NYC area I might have missed?

Comment below and let me know.


How can I forget to wish all the Fathers a very, very Happy Father’s Day!!!

Have FUN!


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