Books to help your child understand COVID and going Back to school

If your children are anything like mine. They’re worried about going back to school during this COVID virus outbreak and so are you. Many parents are struggling with the DECISION to send their children to crowded, non social distancing, learning supplies sharing, no soap having and no fresh air, public facility. You think I’m being dramatic? See for yourself the CDC guidelines.

Having to choose between going back to work full time and our children’s safety is a troubling one for lack of better words. How do I explain to my child that mommy (daddy) has to go back to work during a pandemic? Here’s my honest answer. I don’t know. But I found some resources that I think would definitely help.

A Family Guide to Covid: Questions & Answers for Parents, Grandparents & Children

By William A. Haseltine, PhD

This book is cool because as new information about Covid-19 is updated in the country this book gets updated with new info also. Just click the link and download updated editions freely.

There’s No Monster Outside: It’s a Virus

By Beverly J. Irby, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Nahed Abdelrahman, Fuhui Tong, & Pam Schiller 

 This book focuses on some of the changes that have occurred in children’s lives because of the virus, and explain why things are happening the way they are and not to be so scared.

Covid-19 What can kids do? Here kidz can learn the dos and don’ts to help keep you and your family safe.

What Happened When We All Stopped  is a beautifully illustrated and written poetically. This was one of our favorites.

Hope this helps.


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