PHASE I of Family FUN!

Outside is OPEN. NOW WHAT?!

The fact of the matter is …. I’m an outdoor person. So are my kidz they love the outdoors. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us and so many NYC families indoors. So, us parents had to get very creative to entertain and bond with our children. June is one of the months that is part of the first phase of reopening the city. So outdoor events are few and far in between (understandable) so I found some really cool indoor and outdoor safe events filled with family fun and of course!! Bonding.

Here’s a list of June events I think are worth taking a peek at:

Every Thursday night Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts invites stargazers of all ages to join him at The Franklin Institute and step outside for the first in a series of night sky tours from home.

The Queens Historical Society has a virtual event June 19th also known to many as Juneteenth. Journey to freedom: The underground railroad is a great opportunity to learn, educate and celebrate with family on this memorable day. Also, it places more emphasis on the current #BlackLivesMatter movement.

For the TEENS!!! ~~~Live!! from Stars in the House readings performed by young people and read by young people of various ages. teen edition #LUVIT

June 27

It’s International Mud Day and peeps at the Staten Island Clay Pit Ponds Park (say that three times fast) has planned a day to roll all up in the mud. Do you like getting down and dirty?? Me neither. I called the center anyway. Just wondering if this event is still on the agenda. Turns out the gentleman on the other end of the phone line had no clue. I figure. Too risky. But we can still enjoy some quality time joining the virtual party at the Red Hook Festival the same day 2:00 PM sharp. My kidz and I have been enjoying this annual festival since 2010 .

Family Fun at the Red Hook Festival

Have Fun!


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