I was a better mom before I had kids. (via 4 Mothers)

Ok so here goes nothing, I was one of those pre momz (women who haven’t yet become a mother but who has a pre designed idea of how their parenting experience will be). Yes, I imagined I would be that mother whose kids regulate school attire included wearing roller blades, and superhero cape; why? Because my kid wanted to PERIODT. But now? As a mom of teens ….. whew, roller blades in school is the least of my worries.

So I read this article a while back I totally and totally understood. The best teacher is experience. We learn what kind of parent we are through…being a parent. We don’t necessarily know what kind of parent we will be until that day comes. Every child is a different learning gift and that gift can teach us much more than we teach them. Read on. Tell me what you think.

I was a better mom before I had kids. Before I had children I was a great mom. When my husband and I decided that we were going to start a family I was confident that I would be a “great mom”.  I naively felt that I had the credentials to back up my bold assumption.  After all I hold a university degree that includes many courses in child development and psychology and after graduating from my undergrad, I went on and completed my teaching degree with emphasis on grades kindergarten … Read More

via 4 Mothers

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