11 unrealistic CDC GUIDELINES for NYC schools to follow in the fall

So, after months of social distancing and doing…everything virtually . Parents are anxiously awaiting the country’s response to continuing education in the Fall. Reopening schools seems to be a difficult task during this COVID-19 threat and understandably so. How are our kidz to remain “safe” throughout the school year? Well, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) MAJOR changes are necessary to promote safe social distancing in crowded schools. Yes, CDC we know. So what are their RECOMMENDATIONS? Lets take a look.

1.Frequent and thorough hand-washing and face coverings for everyone over age 2 (side eye)

2.Desks be spaced six feet apart and all facing the same direction like this..

ccskidz does not own this pic

3.Bus seating is kept to one student per seat

4.Supplies that aren’t easily cleaned or disinfected should not be shared i.e. pencils, paper, tablets, computers, and books. (side eye)

5.Also, each child should have their own art supplies and other equipment

6.Meals should be sent from home if possible or individual servings of cafeteria food should be available. (side eye)

7.Lunch and breakfast should be eaten in classrooms to avoid large, crowded cafeterias. In instances where that’s not possible, the guidelines suggest staggering time spent in the cafeteria and recommend a thorough cleaning between each group…. (side eye)

8.The same goes for playgrounds—don’t use them, but if you have to, use them sparingly and clean all the playground equipment between uses. (but I thought NYC parks are now open….SIDE EYE)

9. Visual guides in common areas, like tape on walls, one-way routes in hallways, and signs reminding children to spread out.

10. Kids could also see sneeze guards between spaces where social distancing might be difficult, like bathroom sinks.

11. Keep small groups together instead of changing classes throughout the day.

Why the side eye CC ?

Tell me,what 2 year old do you know can keep their face mask on? In schools where learning supplies are low sharing is all they do, computers,tablets,books and the list goes on. I guess my core concern are communities where one school building is shared by 3 charter schools or more…. And my Kidz attend these schools. So do I feel “SAFE” sending my Kidz back to school in the fall? Do us parents have much of choice when we’re being called to come back to work?

BIG sigh


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