CC’s TOP Petting zoos in NYC

#1. Bushwick City Farm, Brooklyn

A Farm? In Brooklyn?? Yup, I mean there isn’t much of a petting zoo, but roaming chickens,and ducks are nice. Also visitors can feed the guinea hens, there’s a turkey, and some cats. Its definitely and urban experience once you visit this FREE, volunteer-run establishment. Volunteers help build and maintain vegetable gardens for a variety of organizations in the community. The farm is only open to visitors on weekends, so before you pop up check its Facebook page for hours and updates.

#2. Queens County Farm Museum

One of my Favorite NYC farms and the most budget-friendly will be reopening soon!
Budget Friendly how? CC’s favorite words FREE!!! Once you visit you can roam the 47-acre grounds,picnic or buy food to share with the resident goats (tho they may prefer your shirt) There’s pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. Weekend visitors can take a tour of the historic farmhouse, also hayrides are offered!! Check their website for the details.

They cant wait for your visit!!

#3. Long Island Game Farm 

Ok , so I travel to L.I. often to spend quality time with my son (he lives with dad). Some days I don’t want to travel back to the city to get into some mommy-child fun. The Long Island Game Farm  is definitely a place to visit on days like these.
This game park gets you up close and personal with all kinds of barn animals. Kids usually are able to feed the resident giraffe, but I think hes being kept safe during these COVID times. There’s camels, goats, llamas, alpacas, and a donkey! Pony rides are offered, My kidz are too big for this now (those were the days) But you enjoy it! take pics!! let me know how it goes.


Have Fun!!


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