We were there…Miley Cyrus concert

Ok so standing on up for 6  hours wasn’t so bad …I guess. Waking up at 1:30 in the morning and camping out in Central Park by 3am wasnt so bad either. Yeah my feet hurt, I was exhausted and wanted a good home cooked meal…oh and had to pee Reeely bad (there were no porta potties where we were waiting). But the looks on my daughter,her best friend and my nieces face  as they watched Miley Cyrus perform  was alll worth it.
Good morning America’s summer concert series is a great  concept. Its free! its fun! Educational??? Well if you’re researching how to be the first on line for one of the worlds biggest teen superstar, maybe. Miley performed ‘Party in the USA’,and her new single ‘Cant Be Tamed’, and collaborated with Bret Micheals for ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’. It was a good performance.We all enjoyed the show…. Especially since it was no lap dancing involved. :-). I was a happy camper

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