What an honor…….

The PACC organization threw a cool event called the Bar Crawl which introduced 20-30 somethings(me) to their mission of safe and affordable housing in said areas of Brooklyn. This event Fused networking with”crawlin” to Bar Olivino , Hot Bird, Fulton Grand and BUKA and it was great. Thank goodness I didn’t have enough drinks in me not to notice a great woman in my midst…. Ms. Velmanette Montgomery blessed us with her presence. I saw her and Immediately recognized her face. I had too! I just voted for her! and I have followed her vigorous and successful  efforts to build a better community for us all…for years!  Her aura wasnt untouchable and as I approached her nervously, she smiled (what a relief). She is a huge supporter within the non-profit world and Beyond. She has been our state senator since 1984 and represents the 18th senatorial district, a population of over 300,000! that covers Bedford-stuyvesant,Clinton Hill, Boreum Hill,Fort Greene,Prospect Heights,Crown Heights,Red hook, and Parts of Park slope and Carroll Gardens. She tackles issues such as:

In the past two years alone, Senator Montgomery has brought home $4 million in funding for: non-profit housing groups for targeted affordable housing: community health centers including Bed-Stuy Family Health; Pratt and Poly colleges; the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation; and museums, libraries, and cultural institutions.


Velmanette Montgomery has repeatedly upheld New York‘s rent laws. 

Womans Health Issues 

 Senator Montgomery fought to secure passage of the Rockefeller Drug Law reforms. She also co-sponsored the new “stop and frisk” reform law that helps prevent racial targeting by the police. Click here for more info on these issues.
 I hope that as CC’s kidz grows and evolves with its mission to expose  Young Mothers and their children, from Lower socio-economic communities to the Great Cultural sites of New York; that Ms. Montgomery will be on board. Sooo I am proud to say that upon her request I will be sending her some vital info on what CC’s kidz is ,what it plans to do,who we plan to empower and…..everything else! 🙂



Me and Ms.Velmanette Montgomery


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