Are little terrors born this way???

So I found out recently that my 3-year-old son is a FRAUD!!  Yes I said it , he is a LIAR  and he knows it. let me tell you how I know.

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to his old daycare in Clinton Hills Brooklyn to a pre-K program in Bedstuy. It was a new change for the both of us. I knew it wasn’t going to be a smooth transition, he absolutely loved his daycare. But it was time to go. The first day I took him to class was surprisingly OK! The teachers had to kick ME out  because I was suffering from separation anxiety. The second ,third and ever since then my mornings were filled with  “No mommy I don’t wanna go to my new school” and afternoons overflowing with screw faces every time I asked how his day went.    In the morning I would say okay baby boy let’s get ready for our day he would say, where are we going mom??? After he found out he’d cry and fight me to get dressed. When we finally reached his school he’d pull my hand back and dig his feet in the ground to slow the process. Then he would cry and scream out for me As I reluctantly left him
in  class. Our mornings reminded me of the first scene in the movie X-Men; where young  Magneto was separated from his mother during the Holocaust. NOOOO MOOOMMMIIEEE!!!…. his cries stuck in my ears all day.   When I picked him up he would say….. I don’t like my new school mommy, they are mean to me. They say bad things to me. WHO??!   I would ask trying not to become this overprotective overactive mom. Of course it was everyone in the school that was horribly mean to him. His facial expressions would show so much hurt and anger. Needless to say,I felt like a crappy mom. I almost cried a couple of times and came this close to calling up his old school. I mean  How selfish of me to want a school closer to my home, I didn’t even think of my sons adverse reactions to his new environment. How cruel I was…right? Weeks later after all the crying and screaming  from morning till late afternoon. I decided to make a surprise visit to his school. As I walked inside the assistant teacher was walking out. How’s baby boy? I asked preparing to hear bad news…….. Oh he’s fine, she says to me he loves school!  I was confused . She explained further, “he does that whole show for you  every morning. After you leave he plays with his friends as normal.” I looked at her sideways……what?? I ask. “Look for yourself” she says ” he has a blast in school everyday”. I followed her advice and looked through the porthole window to his class………… THIS BOY WAS exercising and crap!!!  Doing Jumping jacks with his friends! then began running in circles and doing….. Stuff  lil happy boys do!!

I was pissed!!! This boy had me go through emotional guilt every morning and evening because Wha??    He just felt like it.    Ohhh I was gonna nip this in the Butt….Quick.
I picked him up that day. I asked baby boy did u have a fun day today?? NOOO!! Mommy I don’t like my school!! he started  “we don’t read stories”  and  “we don’t have fun”  he began to cry……..
“YOU LIAR,  YOU lil fraud”   I called him. ….

He stops walking to look at me.

I Continued, I saw you!! I saw you doing jumping jacks and playing today!! YOU HAD FUN!!

Do y’all know what this boy did next??? ……

He smiled.
I haven’t had a problem since.

The Moral of this story??

Little Boys are sent here…on this earth…to drive Moms crazy.

Has your little one created a huge Obscene Lie or even a “white” lie ??? Tell me all about it. (to make me feel better about my pathological liar I have at home of course)

One comment

  1. OMG….Everytime I read this i CRACKUP LAUGHING….It’s tooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m wondering if MAYBE just MAYBE he didnt want YOU to think THAT HE could have fun WITHOUT YOU???? Then mommy would feel bad right???? That I have so much fun at my new school WITHOUT HER??? Either that or he just has game and is a “LIL FRAUD”….hahahahahhha


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