Strollers are taking over our pockets!

Whats the deal with strollers costing as much as a studio apt in New York?

$880.00 ??

I mean I can understand if your gonna have  like TEN kidz and you want something durable and long lasting…Something that you gonna past down for like 8 yrs.. then maybe I think that would be a good investment. But kids stop using strollers around 3ish 4. so your like paying $300 a year for a pushing thing. Yes I call it a pushing thing…cuz thats about all it does. It doesn’t sing to the baby while your …pushing it. It doesn’t  have its own heating system, and it doesn’t turn into a changing table- peeling off the stinky pamper, clean babies bottom with with Hypo allergenic eco- friendly wipes and it doesn’t puts a new pamper on without ripping those stupid tabs that papmpers have then rock the baby to sleep while nursing at the same time!!!

People COME ON  are you serious??

I do admit that the BugaBoo stroller is actually fun to push. Plus it looks Kewl! but I have a college degree to save up for. And my daughter is talking Harvard.

$900.00 for a baby space ship!!
If you don't Jog then this stroller IS NOT for you. I hate to see these strollers on the Train.

Chiccohas some good deals.

Combi is well known for its 3 second fold.

Peg Perego has some decent strollers.

Next has some great comparable deals.

…Oh!!  and check out this Baby Luggage Concept!..


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