It’s all about Fred!! Our trip to the Fred Tomaselli Exhibit

One morning I just did not hear my alarm clock. It was one of those mornings when I thought I didn’t hear it but I actually pressed the snooze button like 27 times.  I awoke to the clock telling me it was 9am.  Needless to say that my children were still in their beds when I went to their to their rooms….snoring…..(sigh)
How am I gonna deal with the two, let’s make mommy crazy kidz.
Aaha!! I will make it an educational trip day!!
So we packed our lunches and hopped on the 2 train …Next stop! The Fred Tomaselli exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I have heard about this wonderfully weird artists’ work for a while now. I have posted about it in the past and it’s on MY list of things to do before the year was up with my kidz. (That and the Holiday Train Show@ the Botanical gardens).  We checked our coats and up to the 4 Th floor we went. When the elevator door opened we were welcomed by a piece of his art work about 20 ft ahead of us. It was nice.  It had all the colors of the rainbow  and bursts of shapes that one would see at the end of a kaleidoscope.  We walked closer. ….. “Is that a TUMS mommy?”  I squinted my eyes, “yes it is” I answered my daughter.
The stories were all true.  Fred’s art work is made from pills.   Tylenol, Zyrtec, Motrin, and some other lil pills I had no clue of . Cut out body parts like arms, noses, eyes and hands that were using sign language was of an abundance in his work.   But you wouldn’t notice any of these until you take a closer look. It was hard not to touch (especially for my 3-year-old)  and afar from the annoying old security officer following us around as if we were the only patrons…. We had fun.
Oddly beautiful, weird, and easy to hypnotize. I give Fred a coupla thumbs up.

Now I must warn some of you parents who are a lil squeamish about private areas…..there are some lots of those around.  And when I say lots of them I don’t mean lots of pictures of private areas I mean in about 3 art Pieces there are multiple showings. So if u wanna cover the kiddies eyes… U can but hey !! It’s Art. And it’s Beautiful!!

Here’s a Few of my Art Friendly/children friendly places I Luv to  Go.

Abrons Art Center

The Abrons Arts Center brings innovative artistic excellence to Manhattan’s Lower East Side through diverse,  performances;child friendly exhibitions/artist residencies; classes and workshops for all ages, including pre-professional training for youth; and arts-in-education programming at public schools.



The famous Tunnel in the Museum

Brooklyn Children’s Museum


An exhibition of resident animals and a year round workshops for parents and children to bond through singing, arts in crafts etc. It holds  more than 20,000 natural science objects and cultural artifacts. Whats makes this even more fun is almost every cultural artifact is touchable!


Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

BAM continues to develop and present a roster of traditional and contemporary dance, theater, music, opera and film. They hold children’s art festivals and ongoing poetry readings for the inner artist.


Children’s Museum of the Arts

At the Children’s Museum of the Arts, children can create whatever their lil hearts desire.





Jewish Museum

Jewish culture from art to artifacts is the focus here. There is an  Archaeology Zone where children can dig to find many “old treasures” as my daughter would call them. The museum has many family events each month.



New York Hall of Science

Offering  creative, participatory ways to learn. NYSCI features the largest collection of hands-on science exhibits in New York City. Visitors of all ages can explore over 450 interactive exhibits featuring light, heat, the atom, biology and optical illusions.

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