Last day of the beginning of her life

Dedicated to my lil stalker.

~~~Today was the last day of therapy for my lil lady. Her case is officially closed. Her moments of extreme worry and anxiety has become almost unnoticed. She allows her feelings to be expressed through writing, dancing and just out right talking. Her night terrors are no more and her bursts of extreme anger has simmered. And when its to much for her to bare she puts herself on time out to cool down.
I took my child to a therapist because I realized that even though I wanted to be all she needed to cope …. I wasn’t enough. I realized that as a woman going through emotional turmoil myself I could not dole out enough energy to help my child. I am happy I was able to overcome my pride and seek outside help. Now her self-esteem is bursting at the seams and sometimes, just sometimes it’s too much for me to handle. However, I prefer this lil lady over the one who wouldn’t even look at herself in the mirror without pointing out the imperfections. When she looks in the mirror now. She sees herself …. On the inside and out. And  is she beautiful.
Today was the last day of the beginning of the rest of her life.
And it felt great. I have learned new techniques to help her and possibly other children cope with life hardcore lessons.
~~~As we rode the train together back home. I decided to tell her how proud I was of her accomplishments and pointed out the milestones she crossed. Her eyes were watery …so was mines. We hugged.

Back home I continued my usual demands “finish your homework?”, “go clean your room” and “don’t yell at your brother” as if we hadn’t crossed one of the hardest moment of our lives together.  As long as she knows that mommy expects the best from her  and while on her way to conquering the world I will have her back.


  1. Aww so great. I work at a child development center and the work of a child therapist is so different from that of a mother. It takes a village! Good for u for seeking out the help your daughter needed! Hi five to your daughter for being such a fighter. Great post grl.

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