CC’s kidz, change the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I had a dream…

I packed my lunch and decided to go Door to Door, Bodega to Bodega, Projects to Projects. To spread the word about cultural diversity and how important it is to the children; whom are the future, the seeds, the stem cells of our society. I spoke about the statistics of teen pregnancy in our “Hood” and how young mothers need just as much help to raise their children as older women. I spoke about Mother child bonding, how statistics show the enormous benefits of the way it is manifested. Bringing back the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child“. I decided to conjoin the issues and talk about CC’s kidz. Helping those in need (starting with young mothers) breaks the barriers of social injustice not only in our OWN communities but, in others as well. The cultural diversities  of NEW YORK  woven into the lives of OUR children. I spoke about how important it is for our Community to step out of their comfort Zone ( the corner, the stoops,) and into OUR city. It is imperative that our children see that there is more to life than the neighborhood park, Run down buildings, Shootouts and random Cop frisks. We must also realize that our public school system is failing us…is failing our children and that we as parents have to replace Fundamentals of outside education.

I talked as my lips began to peel from my face  and the peoples ears began to fall off. I knocked on doors until my knuckles bled. I spoke about something I believed in.

Sounds so simple right?  Bonding with your children outside of the neighborhood. Learning something new…together.

Yet something so simple can change the World.

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