Single mama blues

I’m sick.

Not Covid sick.


My body aches

This week We stayed indoors

….which made being a single mom worse.

for me anyways

I cope with the hardships of single parenthood via cultural trips .

I love the arts.

This week we stayed indoors

Indoor activities was too much for my mind to mind to handle

My house was a mess

I was soo tired

And sooo drained

we went to the neighborhood park….twice

that’s all I had the energy for

I sent   them outside to play

Oh! we colored eggs.

That was…….exciting.

The thing about being a single mom is the having to still do everything……even when your sick.

I called other mamas 4 support

I love CC’s kidz mamas

We have each others back.

I will be back to my bubbly self soon.

I know I will.

I hope y’all had fun.

Tell me what you did on the weekend?

I need a pick me up.

Much luv


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