HAPPPY TURKEY DAY!!! (Free & FUN Activities for today)

While I was walking my daughter to school yesterday she asked me why did I love thanksgiving sooo much. Cheday why do you

love Thanksgiving so much I returned the question…”because all the family gets together and eats lots and lots of food”. Thats

great..the family stuff I said (my family is a lil’ distant during the holidays so we woould always go to her dad’s family’s house)

but I just looove the food!!!. In that 15 min walk I decided to tell her what the REAL story of Thanksgiving is. She laughed

when I told her about Columbus? He didn’t discover anything Crap! Then I explained to her WHY…..

I came up with this idea to take her to the Museum Of  The American Indian, where on this holiday they can focus on the first

Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Native Americans and how awesome how it all went down hill from there. We can NEED to

teach our children about American Indian culture. There are a wide variety of exhibits. They all look very exciting and

interesting. The exhibits include “Identity By Design” which looks at the changes of Native American women dress and other

exhibits that showcase the everyday ritual items used from North to Central America….

I Like the thought of taking time out to not only celebrate the holiday with your children but to also educate them about it

(including the positive and negative aspects of the American Indian experience). GUESS WHAT!! ITS FREE TODAY. FUN,

FREE AND EDUCATIONALYAAAY!! BUT I have a problem….my children are gone! their dad came and whisked them away

for the holiday and I am just not motivated to go alone…I mean i can steal borrow someone elses kids but it’s just not the same.

So here’s what I need you to do, GO!!! (and) Tell me all about it. Heres the link: nmai.si.edu



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