WOWZA!!! What a week this has been! I had the flu and while I was sick I tried to prevent my kids from getting it. A lil Vitamin C here…with a little tea and honey everywhere ….BAM!!! We are just left with the sniffles now. I think that’s pretty good  don’t you think? Then my daughter’s assistant principal called (Doom Song) and I had a meeting with the whole A-Team. Seems she’s having a little trouble expressing herself in a non-disrespectful way. But we got to the root of things, my educational health and emotional health checkup with her is on its way to a great recovery! YAAAy!

OK so back to business… The holidays are here Kwanzaa , Hanukkah  and of course Christmas. I would Love to do a lot of KWAANZA festivities  all the way. Let’s see what we can do…

One great event I’m dying to attend with my children  is the 14TH ANNUAL BLACK NUTCRACKER GALA BENEFIT FUNDRAISER at the world-famous APPOLLO theatre. I’ve been calling non-stop for tickets until I finally got through (hey I was gonna keep the number and redial for two days! Heck, the tickets are only $7!). Anyway it’s a special version of the timeless classic and it features the finest performances of ballet, African on pointe, acrobatics and Hip Hop. For info call 212.987. 5030. The shows are during the week (thus so inexpensive) I’m going to the 4:00pm December 22nd show but you can call for more info on showtimes.

Tired of going to the mall to stand on 2 hour-long lines just so your child can sit on “SANTA’S” lap? Well the NYC Fire Museum is having its annual Santa rescue …. Kris Kringle makes an early appearance—and gets stranded on the rooftop when his reindeer fly off without him. Happily, New York’s Bravest come to the rescue!!! Yaaaay! Once on solid ground, Saint Nick takes requests for presents and poses for photo ops. Hot dogs, hot chocolate and live music complete this event. All ages are welcome and prices are $5  so its  fun, free not so free but hey it’s a pretty good  price, and educational… (because it’s in a museum).

OH! I almost forgot . Not sure what hand-made gift to give your special someone (MOM, CHILD, SPOUSE)???  Check out the build a bear workshops or friends to be made. It’s not just for kids anymore! I have fun each and every time I go plus you can  get a fully dressed doll or bear for under $25…. it’s fun just TRY IT. Go To http://www. buildabear / www.friends2bmade for more info!!

Have fun this weekend and be safe!!!

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