Partying and Twirling Like A Rock Star!

What a weekend!! I had so much fun that I was determined to tell you guys how what, when and where I had this fun. The best thing about it was that it was spent with my children. My oldest daughter “the ballerina” was ecstatic to know that my best friend purchased Saturday tickets to the NYC Ballet for us for the Jewels performance. So I gathered  couple of girls (young and old) to join us for this exquisite experience. WE hustled  and bustled through the dirty New York snow and huge puddles of muddy water up to the Lincoln Center. We barely made it for our 2pm show (I need to work on my time management). We sat ALLL the way at the tippy top of the theater (hey the tickets were only $20) but the view was great for the cost. The only problem was the ugly looks we received because of the kids nerves, twitching feet and my daughter chewing gum like a cow (I told her to spit it out….yet she still put a new piece in!!!). We apologized for the lil’ rascals behavior and enjoyed the rest of show. Afterword we ate dinner at the  Family Friendly Olympic Flame Diner on Amsterdam Ave and 60TH street. Go to for future shows, games and activities to do with your child.

THAT was Saturday!!! Sunday morning we went to Club La Pomme where  LITTLE CLUB HEADS hosted its kiddie party from 12-3pm. As my 8 yr old said “IT WAS AWESOME”. I must say if that was a rave she would have been the one the crowd carries over their heads while screaming to the music. SMH, I don’t know if that’s a Good thing or Bad. She really is a party girl. LITTLE CLUB HEADS is a monthly party for kids (ages 6 months to 8 yrs) and their family. It features face painters, clowns, snacks (all included in the $15 cover pp) and one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever heard. Even when I make it out to a club every weekend every once in a blue; the DJ’s at the club don’t make it on my referral list (and my list is top of the line baby! lol). I  “rolled deep” as they say, with lots of moms and their tots. We all had a great time. The kids were dancing, ELMO made a surprise appearance and best of all (to me anyway) the bar is open for the adults! YAAAAAAY!!! For families this a MUST attend event. I will put the info on my own page cuz ….YOU… CANT… MISS… IT!!!

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