Why is my child failing? (Part I) The NYC Board of Education Sucks!(or does it?)

So I open the Daily News yesterday and BAM!!! Staring in my face is the big F New York City Public schools got on their statewide exams. Wow I thought. What’s really going on?

“What has changed is that we are setting the bar higher we are finally providing a clear and honest answer to the public to the question, ‘how are our children doing?’ “stated the chancellor Merryl Tisch. Well, how  are our children doing? 42% of students passed the state Reading exam and 54% passed the State Math exam this year compared to the numbers in 2009 where 69% passed the reading exam and 82% passed the math!!! Big difference right? These kids are failing because the state exams are “tougher to pass”. New York State education officials acknowledged the fact standardized tests got easier to pass over the past four years.

Ok no problem  I say. (However it’s not evident that the higher bar will inspire students and schools to greatness) But here’s my issue, how is the BOE gonna set the standards high for tests when we don’t have enough support to help our children pass!!!

This is what the NYC Board of Education  is saying

Hi! I Know there are Financial cuts to the whole education system, $500 million to be exact. The plan is in effect to  lay off approximately 10,800 employees this year alone. This means less teachers,bigger classes, less courses, less after school programs,less schools! less school aides Heck! half of the school  system is gone and now I’m gonna raise the standards  for the children to get to the next grade. Sure we don’t have enough resources to help them pass but who cares. SMDH. Should we just bow are heads(the parents, caregivers and anyone else who cares) and forget about everything that’s going on because the tests are improving?? What about the 1.1million children that need to improve on these testing skills, How about the 1,600 + schools that  lack these resources ???  Is it me or are they backwards.

I believe the Whole Education system is partly to blame for this crisis and yes it is a crisis because this situation will continue to get worse.. So here’s the question should we be upset that the schools are making the test harder for our children to pass? or should we be thankful that this test raised the veil off of our eyes so we can see the underlying issues that affect our childs education…like the teachers or lack thereof, the community and us the parents? I don’t know but this should be a wake up call to everyone that our children are not ready for college…for life. I am not a fan on the emphasis that is put on standardized testing at all because then the children are just being educated on how to pass the test. These results are  say something  to me and it’s not all about the Board of Education.

Part II will focus on the Teachers, what curriculum they are required to follow, how hard is it to teach a class of 25-30 children without help. How does their salary affect the way they teach and should it? plus more . In the meantime tell me how you feel.

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