Dedicated to my little stalker

My little me (5yrs old)

Who is my little stalker you may ask? Well my 9 year old daughter has been mommies number one fan since she was… actual only fan. She just can’t seem to get enough of me it seems; No matter how much I try to shake her loose!  She goes with her dad and two hours later she calls me and tells me she misses me. Cute Huh?? Yeah, then asks where I am, what I’m doing, when I’m gonna reach home (if she calls when I am out) who I’m with and the questions go on and on and on. I answer what I deem necessary and bid her a “see you tomorrow with a blow kiss and I love you”.

 You see me and my baby girl has been through a lot in the past two years, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are growing and adjusting to the way things have changed in our lives. These drastic changes has made her develop something called separation anxietySeparation anxiety for a nine year old??? Yup! you thought only babies suffered from that didn’t you? Even though it  is considered a normal stage of development and typically peaks in children between 10 and 18 months. Many kids outgrow it on their own by age 2 or 3.But the problem may return in an older child. The trigger could be a change in environment or maybe a stress or trauma in the child’s life. Recurrence is most common in children between the ages of 7 and 9. It also tends to happen more in kids who come from close-knit families.~says  Triggers can vary from moving to death of a relative and the signs can be constant worrying to nightmares. It varies from child to child. So if I don’t answer her phone calls because I’m in the shower or for whatever reason, she creates some kind of bad scenario in her mind of what could have happened to me. I will be honest it can be annoying but I understand. She needs me and honestly, I need her too. There is no treatment, just  good ‘ol patience and therapist referred parenting techniques.  Click here for ways to help your child. Hopefully she will grow out of it …again. (I know I’m gonna regret saying that when shes going away to college). This is just an extra hurdle we have to jump over together (now that she is done with her vision therapy). So here’s to my little stalker who watches me when I’m asleep, calls me fifty times a day, interrogates me like I’m her boyfriend who just came in at 6 am from “the club”.  Two of her favorite crushes in the whole world Jayden Smith and Justin Beiber….Hopefully she won’t start to stalk them cuz that would just be… weird. LOL!

Check out how Baby girl is doing these days!

see you around!


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