Bullies, Meet Bed-stuy Mama! (not gonna happen this year)

So school is starting and her uniform is laid out, book-bag stuffed with all her school supplies, summer assignments done. Every thing is basically ready. I’m ready for my daughter to exceed new goals, meet new friends and be on the honor roll this year. However, I am not ready for the baggage that comes along with success…..Bullies. Yes, kids still get bullied….HARD and you have been waaay out of tune with the world if you thought it has slowed down. Children every year commit suicide because of extreme bullying. An estimated 160,000 students stay home from school every day because of bullying incidents Says an article in TIME magazine.

The difference between when our generation was growing up and now is the social-networking sites, technology and the Internet — making it very real for these kids since everyone’s  involved. Whatever happens will last literally forever.It’s because of this  technology that bullying can follow your child home everyday. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Texting, YouTube, you name  it and kids use it. Fortunately, it has not reached to the point of my child not wanting to attend school or her feeling helpless in the situation.(please! I will be at her school in a split second!!) but almost everyday last year I heard stories of who didn’t want to be her friend and who made the class laugh at her and who pulled her hair,who she fought with,who stole her money ….let’s see what else,…. Who told the teacher she stole from the teacher’s desk,how long she was in the guidance counselors office and so much more. She’s a tough one though ,she speaks up for herself (sometimes a bit too much with her well learned sarcasm and all) and defends herself when necessary . But I could only imagine the energy it takes to defend oneself all the time. I tell her to ignore them,tell the teacher and her last resort… use force. I worry. Can’t help it, I’m her momma and can’t be there all the time. I was horribly bullied from elementary school all the way to junior high. I was a tough one too. I basically fought my whole way through elementary. (sigh)it sucked. And my mom didn’t know the half. She just knew I was always in the principles office an I didn’t start the fight. Recently I came upon an article about bullying .I read it and I think you guys should read it to. Suicides among 11 year olds are on the rise. Here are some Books on how you or your child can help.  This year now that I am home often.I’m plan to  pop up at my daughters school more often unannounced . I think that might be one way to show these fresh lil girls that Cheday’s momma ain’t gonna take any crap …. The Bed-Stuy momma is gonna come out and I don’t think the principal,nor the teachers would like what I have to say or will do if my child’s bullying continues without any circumstances. Stop your child from Being Bullied or realize that your child IS the Bully. It’s more serious than you think. I’m a Brooklyn mamma baby!!! YEAH!

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