We Gotta Do Better…

briana ojeda
briana ojeda
Eutisha Rennix
Eutisha Rennix

I hurt… As a mother I hurt. I hurt for the parents of  11-year-old Brianna Ojeda who died of an asthma attack while an NYPD officer stood helplessly and watched.
I hurt as a human being for the family of Eutisha Rennix who suffered an asthma attack while she was 8 months pregnant.
EMT ‘s Melisa Jackson and Jason Greene did not use their medical training to at least try to help. Or so they say. You see it’s hard for me to imagine that someone would not help. I’m lying in bed now making up excuses for these people because there is  just no way in hell I would have stood by and watched. I am a certified EMT trained by one of the best ambulance corp in Brooklyn. The only one in Bed-stuy (BSVAC)  and I was trained to act! Even if we were off duty, once there was a boy who was having trouble breathing across the street from the base; Chief Mohammad ran across to see if he was OK….He was.
I know that CPR does not work on asthma patients. It even has a low success rate on the average victim. As the person giving CPR you would have to break one or two of the victims ribs….that’s how much force you need to jump start the heart!

Is that what the E.M.T’s where thinking???  they didn’t want to catch a lawsuit for breaking someones ribs??? Were they thinking that CPR wasn’t going to work anyway ??? Or were they scared. Was it their first real emergency??? I don’t know.

I fear the people who are supposed to protect us and help us are too scared to help! Where are the true heroes?? Are these just people trying to get a paycheck? I fear the most because my daughter is asthmatic. Who will be there to give her the medication she religiously carries in her book bag and purse. Wonder if for some reason one day…she forgot it? Who do you call??? The untrained police officer or the ill equipped ambulance service??? Or maybe someone anyone will TRY to save her life… I hope.
I’m hurting guys we gotta do better.


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