Ultimate Block Party!! Ultimate Play!

Yesterday, we went to a block party. The last Block party of the Year in NYC. The Ultimate Block Party!! in Central park. It was not your average block party. The concept was to allow childrens imagination to just….run wild! And that’s exactly what they did….. but with structure.  The concept is an old one,children learn through play! it is essential to a child’s development, it is the building block for learning , how you play is who you become. And boy did we play today. Just to name a few we had the choices of:

Construction play~ LEGO Extravaganza,Skyscraper challenge and more!

Physical Play~ New Yorks Largest Simon Says, Sidewalk games…..

Creative Play~Crayola Imagination Zone,Costume Making……

Music and Dance Play~ Electric Company and Sesame Street Sing -a-Long…

Technology Play~Robotics, Scratch, Geocaching

We didn’t get a chance to go to each and every section but we did receive a free copy of The Snowy Day By Ezra Jack Keats NEW York Coalition for play. and Pledged to read it on OCTOBER 7th. Then the kidz became overwhelmed with the Fun of building a kewl tunnel using scraps provided by the Planks of wood,over sized cardboard boxes,lengths of fabric,mixing bowls  …..just Stuff!  I am not gonna Lie I had much needed fun. It reminded me of back in the days when my Sister and I would drag the dining room chairs into our bedroom, cover them with blankets and secure them with clothes pins to make “our house”. We would have so much fun for hours using our imagination…. I miss those days.  Anyway I met some really kewl people while In that section for 2 1/2 hours(yes you heard correctly). Morgan Leichter-saxby was one of the great workers from The Coalition  she was funny and pretty down to earth which I find hard to find and she is what you can call a Professional Player in the Art of Play.I also was interviewed (unofficially) by Liza Sullivan and Rachel Weaver Rivera of CHICAGO who promote creative and meaningful play through workshops in their hometown. It was wonderful to connect with all these woman who understand the importance of exposure to the Arts in all shapes and forms. Also that sometimes most of the time we don’t need to buy expensive games and toys for children to be happy. Just give them a box and let there imagination flow.


I have been nominated for the Brooklyn Do Gooder Award !!!!

for CC’s kidz mission I would love your Vote to keep this Going!



  1. Hi Cheretta,

    I was glad to come across your information on the Do Gooder’s list. Our work seems very compatible. Please, check out our website. Let’s talk soon: 718-857-8487.

    Take care,


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love reading all about people’s experiences at the Ultimate Block Party-jealous that I couldn’t be there. I’ve heard about New York Coalition for Play’s Pop Up Adventure Playgrounds. I love reading about their work and have wanted to check out these free form play with just “stuff!” Great to see one person’s positive experience. I also wanted to share a conference next week on play in New York City: Oct 12-13 at Columbia University is Play On! Check it out: http://www.playon2010.org/.


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