The Event….I mean the CC’s kidz event. ;-)

I am excited! The Babies Movie is now on Netflix Instant streaming.            (I opted out of Cable). I saw it for the first time yesterday( yes I know I’m late). I slept on it  and thought why not make this an event! if you haven’t seen it yet ( or if you have and loved it) mamas,papas all parents are invited. Then make your way Over to Victoria’s Tea Room on Saturday October 29th! Have some Tea and Apple Cobbler with us. We will start the movie at  1:30 pm.(seats are limited RSVP at Candy will be handed out for the kidz afterward along with convo about a certain comment made on this move…

Precious movie but dont expect to be entertained. Expect to learn- that we as Americans have a very important lesson to learn about raising our kids in a society of excess and material things. This movie should really open our eyes at all the things we are doing WRONG! The producer was on 20/20 and said he realized after filming that the baby in Namibia was the most content- yes- the baby with no toys, no stupid movies, no daycare, no processed food, etc. All parents should see this movie!“~anonymous

If you seen it already tell me what you think.

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