We all know children are adorable. Some celebrity children are very cute. There is something fascinating about the babies of the rich and famous. I’m not sure I could handle raising my children in the fishbowl that is fame and fortune but a lot of these kids do inherit the good looks of their parents. Here are some of the cutest in my opinion.

Nahla, daughter of Halle Berry

Kenzo, son of Djimon Hounsou & Kimora Lee

Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Jaden, son of Will & Jada Smith

Zahara, daughter of Brad & Angelina

Louis, son of Sandra Bullock

Sophie and Nicolas, children of Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Parker

Willow, daughter of Will & Jada

Oscar, son of Hugh Jackman

Maddox, son of Brad & Angelina

Please suggest anymore cute kids in the comments section.

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