Rainy Day Fun!!

(Seriously?! This weather is OUT OF CONTROL and I am not making it a play in the rain day).

Creating and making special memories with your children is very important, especially for your child’s development. Special memories  help build a relationship with your child that will last a lifetime. I know us  Mama’s often do not have the money to would like to spend to do things with their children.Or have an “extravagant” bonding experience with our children. Heck ! we don’t even have money to take our child to the movies. But what some don’t realize is that it’s in the simple things we as parents do that children will remember. My daughter remembers almost every Leaf picking Trip. Yes I said it right Leaf Picking. WE walk around the neighborhood (or someone else’s) and we pick the most beautiful leafs to use in our art project,  she  also remembers playing in a HUGE pile of leaves  we made in our yard. She rarely talks about the Hannah Montana Concert I took her and her friends too.  So there you have it, your children just want to hang with you…..well at least before they hit teenage years.  Until I reach that point ….I don’t know what to tell ya!

So do look at me weird but here are a couple of  Rainy day fun activities to do with your child.

Shaving Cream Palooza!

Nope shaving cream is not just for shaving. Get a bottle of shaving cream and spray shaving cream on the kitchen table or other smooth surface (please test this first and  make sure it will not discolor the furniture!). You and your child can draw in the foam or make a snowman,rainbow etc., out of the foam for as long as the foam lasts.  Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a lil messy …..a lot. After the shaving cream starts to dissolve all you need to do a wipe down the table for a quick clean up. I love  this because there is no real mess; it makes your house smell good (and believe it or not does a great job cleaning your furniture!). Your child will also think it is so kewl that you are allowing them to play with shaving cream. “It is almost as if you are letting them do something mischievous”.

Supplies List:

Play clothes

Shaving Cream

Food coloring

Wet cloth to wipe up with ….that’s it!!

Make sure it looks like this.....


or this....


Rice Box?

Ok so I know money can be funny and who wants to waste food? but this is a genius for those kids who love to play with sand and moms like me who hate it. Grab a   5-10lb   bag of rice and place it in a plastic container.  Make sure it’s enough space for the child to dig his hands in and scoop. I use the extra-large aluminum pans ( you know the ones you cooked the Turkey in ) And just Pour all the rice in. Some parents go as far as getting a kiddie pool or a huge storage container . It doesn’t matter. All I know is, it’s an easy sweep up or even if you put a mega cloth or towel under the container to catch some runaway rice it’s an easier clean up. I know a mom that fills half of a 2 liter soda bottle with the grain, seals it tight and just lets her daughter go crazy with it. It makes wonderful music…. 😉

Supplies list:

Rice.. a lot

Huge container or pan

Your imagination


Have Fun!!



  1. Great article! I’ll try the shaving cream next time. The rice tub picture gave me some new ideas for next time. I’ll use something deeper than the tray!


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