Happy Birthday Dr.Martin Luther King….I think….Yes, Happy Birthday.

This weekend my child with probably about thousand other children were sent home with a to do project about Martin Luther King Jr. I wasn’t surprised. So I got on top of it She’s   9 so I quickly put her on the internet. Do research I told her, “But mom” she said “I already know about Him”. She was right she did. And every year around the same time children of African-American descent gets black heroes and heritage  quickly  shoved down their throats for a month and a Half…(starting this weekend until the 29th day of February) Don’t ask me where I’m going with this but I was a lil frustrated when she was given this report to do for the 4th year in a row.    I say be more creative teachers…Let the children write about other popular figures that was and still is affected by The Great King….Of justice then their will be a broad range for imaginations to travel. Heck! everyone and their Mama has been affected by The King…Of justice. We can write about Ronald E. McNair and how he must have been empowered by King or maybe Jackie Robinson and Mayor Dinkins just to name a few…I don’t know…. I just feel African-American history should start NOW. I wish  there was still an African-American culture class in each school…Heck I wish kidz were taught the truth about American history …How about the REAL Christopher Columbus?? and did he really discover…anything??

I don’t know Guys this particular day has brought a lot of questions in my mind about the country we live in, how we treat our “Heroes” and cultures who built it and fought for it with their lives.

But there is so much more that bothers me I just can’t put my finger on it.

Help me out, does my confusion bother you??? Or do you even understand what I’m trying  to say. IF I’m saying anything at all.

*scratches head*,  *shrugs shoulders*

something just aint right.

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