Kidz Ballroom Dancin’

Mad hot ballroom

It’s always good to go and support children when they are doing something positive in this world. Its even better (I think) when you support children not of our own. Going to my daughters ballet recital @ the wonderful Abrons Art Center in lower Manhattan was a joyful duty. Going to the 4th and 5th grade Ballroom competition at the World Financial Center had a simple pureness and philanthropist touch to it. I didn’t have to go. I knew no one that was competing. Yet, I was there. Better yet , there was no helping with customs, makeup, hair and alll the hoopla that happens behind the stage of events like these. My daughter loved it. I watched her as she imagined herself dancing the rumba or the Foxtrot with drewl at the corners of her mouth (believe me I know my child, right after she snapped out of her daydream she asked if she could join). The enthusiastic Tweens danced their hearts away in the huge lobby of the Center as they were judged by their posture, footwork. Different schools competed such as PS 376 (green team) and PS 43 (purple Team). As many as ten schools competed for the winnings. First place included a 6 ft trophy! The parents whoo wooed  for their child while I along with about 200 passers-by watched and supported the children whom we never met before. As I watched in awe I wondered how exactly did this work?? Did the children attend the same dance class? Did they meet on weekends to practice??  So what did I do? I asked  around. Come to find out there is a company I have never heard of, founders Otto Cappel and Broadway dance couple Pierre Dulaine & Yvonne Marceau founded the American Ballroom Theater Company (ABrT) in 1984 and established the company’s educational arm, Dancing Classrooms, in 1994.   “Dancing Classrooms” is the after school program  that teaches thousands of young people around New York City how to ballroom dance,and has allowed them to compete on a district, regional and NYC wide level as featured in the documentary “Mad Hot Ballroom.

This day I was  glad to be at the NYC competition.  It was a tough one and the judges had a triple way tie! But they found the winners… Congratulations to the yellow team PS 361 from Staten Island  !!! Yaaaay!!

PS Don’t forget to donate!!

I’m looking into getting my daughter into the program. Lets see if you can get this program in your school (if your interested) check  out the documentary  and lemme know what you think!


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