NYC Transit Museum full of FUN!!!

Hey Ladies (and gentleman),

So the weekend came and gone and BOY did I have a ball with my babies!

So it was Friday and as I pick my daughter up from Girl Scouts she asked What are we doing today HUH, HUH ??  Where are we going? In my mind I say my goodness gracious we don’t have to go out EVERY weekend..We are gonna make this a movie night I tell her. Now all I have to do is convince her not to put on Aliens In The Attic for the umpteenth time!! We can make it a classic movie maybe…the Goonies or Mrs. Doubtfire (my two year old loves those movies too).

Ok back to my weekend. On Saturday the New York Transit Museum was having a Build A City workshop @ 1:30pm. It’s a workshop where children work together to design a city complete with streets, buildings, buses and of course trains….I’m working on my time management but I still got there too late for the Build A City workshop. However, they had a photo workshop that started at 2:30pm, sooo we where there!.

In this workshop the children take the museum owned digital cameras around to take pictures of whatever they want (people, buses, turnstiles, etc) and as many pics as they decide. The crew gives you approximately one hour. Afterward we meet in the photo lab to download the pictures in the computer. The children chose up to  10 pictures to make a short story. They had a choice of doing a voice-over or writing the story and get this(!): all the graphics are done by them!!! The children are the experts in this workshop and boy oh boy did my daughter enjoy being the boss. In the end all the children get to show off their  work to each other  and also get a keepsake for life.

I love this museum! But most importantly so did my children. The employees were very helpful and enthusiastic about their work. I must give shout outs to Andrew, Luz, Rachel and the 3 K’s Kristen, Kendra, Katherine. They helped not only Baby Girl with her story but also aided in the care of Baby boy (my 3yr old); reading him stories and playing on the computer. I totally suggest this place to you guys. It’s educational, inexpensive and fun! What more can a parent ask for?

The workshops vary by age so its best to check the website for detailed info. This workshop in particular is geared to the ages btwn 8 and 12. The admission is $5 per adult and $3 per child.

For more info on the Transit Museum.

Soooo many events  are happening  and im gonna do a lil” (a lot) research for you guys !! Come back for kewl activities this weekened!

Have Fun!!


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