Alert!!! Penis Obsession!!

SOOO ….what is it with little boys and their penises???     Huh???      Can anyone give me a better answer than…they are boys what do you expect!   See, no that’s not gonna fly with me. Because my Baby boy is fascinated with his lil tool along with some unnecessary Cockiness (no pun intended).

Lemme explain, as he is putting his coat in his cubby at school he stops, squats down  and yells  “mommy my penis is UP!” Needless to say all the moms turned to look at the crazy lil boy who just embarrassed his mommy. One mom even gave me a verbal pat on the back and said well, at least he knows the proper name…Agreed. But then he continues to say and I quote again…it’s to big!…really ??  Really little 3 year old boy???

This  was just one of my many,many (embarrassing) experiences I have had with my son and his fascination with his penis. I mean it’s bad.

I pull the cover off of him in the morning….Hands down the pants

I check on him in the shower he’s not washing up….hes playing…with is thang!!

He’s watching TV…Hands down pants

He’s also discovered that his penis can do “tricks” like one morning he calls me into the bathroom.  I arrived to find him on his throne and hands on the side of the toilet to keep him from falling in. “Mom look it’s dancing!” He shouted, looking at his  erection, which apparently he discovered could bounce up and down at will.

Ewwww!!  So wrong,  So….. So wrong..(Sigh)

What did I do? I just walked away. What?? I couldn’t possibly praise him or punish him….I was confused.

After his countless erections in public and outbursts I decided to look at  what was holding his goodies…His underwear. Interestingly I found that all of his complaints of “it” not going down and being “to Big” was when he wore boxers. I realized that the boxers did not hold  his stuff in place… So Boxer Briefs it is!! Yaaay! all my problems are solved…..I thought. Until one day I decided to have the private part talk with him. You know the one about not letting anyone touch his special places and vice verse… Don’t y’all know every stranger I interacted with he told them they couldn’t touch his penis???

Here’s how it went:

School crossing guard~ Good morning, have a good day.

Me~ Morning to you too, Thanx!

Baby boy~ “You can’t touch my penis!!!”

Really??? Really DUDE??? OMG!!

I thought I was alone on this issue but I found some mothers who were going through the same issues with their sons penises , check out these Blogs they are hilarious!

Mommy Track ~ The penis Problem

Help for single parents~little boys and their penises

Little boys and their penises comments

Leave a comment and tell ’em CC’s kidz sent ya!

Have fun!!



  1. OMG! This is the funniest thing I’ve read/heard all week! My son is only 7.5 months and if he’s not wearing a diaper, he has pulling bouts with his penis. It drives me crazy!


      1. Don’t worry about the little guy – he’s perfectly normal. He’ll NEVER leave that thing alone, EVER. Best not to make him feel bad about it, I’m sure you’ll agree, but emphasise the privacy of such matters.

        Recent conversation with my six year old:

        SIX: Dad, sometimes when I look at pictures, my willy goes straight.
        ME: (very cool and curious to learn what pictures) Oh yeah? That happens to me sometimes too. Boys get that a lot. What pictures make that happen, son?
        SIX: Pictures of Katie Perry.

        A chip off the old block… 🙂


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