Our Fun Week off!!

…. Well it wasn’t my week off….it wasn’t any parents week off.  But we had loads of FUN!!

Here are sum pics from our week!!

Museum of moving Image
@The museum of the Moving image
The National Museum of the American Indian
Museum of The Movin Image
On our way to ummm.....The Childrens Museum of ART
Baby girls Creation... A paper Duck..(its wings really move!)
At CMA teaching a CC's Kid how to draw silouhettes 🙂
The Art of Building @ CMA
Look! CC's kidz First Picasso!!!
New york Hall Of Science
I call it the Lopsided room @ nysci
Crazy mirror hall
a CC's kidz Dad....llllluv it!! @nysci
How fast can u make this Windmill Go? @nysci
Hmm...young Curiosity leads to cures. (his wheels r spinning)
It was rainy and windy but we made it.. Thanx to a CC's kidz DAD


This whole week I spent…….$30   for these events  and that includes food and transportation.

The Museums were all free!!!

No excuses Guys! Lets make CC’s Kidz grow!!

Email me to see how you can help!


I hope y’all enjoyed your week as much as I did!!


One comment

  1. I really enjoyed looking at what u did witha a week out of school. Makes me wish I was a kid again so that I my parents could take me to all those cool places.


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