Mamas baby boy…..I mean BIG Boy.

Yaay! my baby boy is 4 years old today and I am sooo proud of him (as any mother would) I am grateful that the threatening 3’s are over. Maybe the lil terror will tackle issues  like bed wetting and his unbelievable hour-long crying sessions.  Oh! maybe he can slow down on his crazy control issues  and throwing tantrums where anything goes… the wall and maybe he will mature enough to stop spitting in the air (like Marty the Zebra from Madagascar: Escape to Africa)  and trying to catch it. Maybe him and his penis will have a better relationship and it wont terrorize him with discomfort allll the time. Heck! maybe he wont give himself bald spots with clippers he found at a friend’s house. Maybe, just maybe he will stop terrorizing his older sister every chance he gets. Maybe he’ll stop separating his food at dinner time. Hopefully, he will aim INTO the toilet and not around it so that it drips to the floor and my bathroom has this crazy stench of urine, daily.

Yes!! I am expecting all most of these things to happen over night. Why?? because I prayed on it Dammit!! <Sigh> ……I love my son to death but boy ohhh boy does he drive me slightly insane. But as any mother would say …Cross him and I will be on you like white on rice………… :-). (relax,relate,release).


Me and him on his 3rd birthday

Anyway,  he is reading a lil now and the spelling of his full name is coming around pretty well. His art skills are magnificent (according to the employee from MOOMAH)  and he has started to wake up on his own in the night to use the bathroom (3 times). He cleans up all his messes willingly and he does a pretty good job at it. His computer skills are almost as good as mines and he loves to help me cook. He’s on point with  his kisses and hugs  to his mommy  (Me) and if I forget to pray at night he reminds me. He tells me when his feelings are hurt (all the time) and his cuddling is the BEST. He combs my hair and tells me when I look like crap…but he also tells me when I look pretty. Yes he is a Mamas boy and I don’t mind it all.

Happy birthday too my lil man , your mamas baby boy Big Boy now.

How many children do you have?

What milestones has your child reached when they turned a year older?

Did you get that woozy feeling inside when you knew your child was getting older too?

I wanna know! comment , spread the word, keep the love flowing.


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