Lil New Yorker

So like every morning I walk my two kids to school. I dropped my daughter off first and then walk to the train station to take my son to daycare. I swiped my metro card once….it didn’t read. I swiped it again as the alarm for my train screamed loudly in the station.”the train is coming mommy” my 3yr old said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the turnstile. He practically dragged me to the stairs ( we reached the stairs as the train arrived) I held his hand tight so we can go down at a steady pace. Instead, this boy  hauled me down two flights of stairs like a mad man (I had on heels), ran around the bend , jumped on the train before the doors closed and snatched a seat from a high schooler, THEN! had the nerve to even put his hand in the seat next to him to save the space for me!  Wow! I thought … that was intense.

…..Yeah, my son is a NEW YORKER!


What did your child do to make you laugh out loud??

Share your stories…I wanna know!

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