Little club heads 1/2 OFF Promo Code. I got you!!

SO it should be known that  am absolutely in love with Little Club Heads. (Click here, here and here)  A place where moms and pops  get a chance to party to old school R&B,POP and  Hip Hop with their little ones.  I love  them!(it doesn’t hurt that the  founders are pretty kewl people) When  I received the email  was ecstatic….. had to share!!

For a limited time you could get 2 tickets for the price of $15 dollars by using promo code:halfoff
Also there is a family pack of 4 tickets for $30. This promo is going to be removed soon please take advantage before the promo is over. Once the promo is done tickets will go back to its normal price of $15 dollars per person. Tickets available online now click the link below.

When you see me there; Just yell out CC’s kidz!!!!

then you’ll see how CC’s kidz mammas (and dads) roll.:-)


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