MTV’s Teen Mom make s me wanna Throw…UP!!

I'll tell you about being a young mother.


OK so I was following  16 and pregnant and now I’m following Teen mom. Not just for entertainment. but because I was a teen mom myself and thought I could relate to the young mothers…NOT! I had to stop watching. The episodes made me want to throw up!!! Seriously, we have to ask ourselves this question…… Is this show making teen pregnancy the THING to do ??? Because your parents let the boyfriend move in with the family,your father pays  rent (for your own apartment) while you get a college degree, oh! you have a car not to mention gas money to get to and from all the places you need to go…..including parties??? (one mother in particular can’t seem to stop partying) You look cute every time the camera is on you.  It seems all put together for them …it’s not real reality Television…. if that make s any sense. I’m sorry but I can name a few wait almost all CC’s kidz moms who didn’t have it so easy. Matter of fact statistics show that soooo many young mothers come from low-income families and are more likely to fall in the cracks of poverty. Are we forgetting that Teenage Pregnancy IS a problem and not a luxury?? Yes, I am an advocate for Young moms but don’t get it twisted I am not an advocate for Teenage Pregnancy.

I am for prevention. However,I am not for the degrading of   and social injustices that occurs  in the communities against young mothers.

(If you don’t understand….email me we can chat).

My point is …… it is not at all what it seems on MTV. Especially here in NYC. We have something here called the subway. ….and we use it ….alllllll the time with strollers and baby carriers. We rarely get offered seats on a slow day let alone a busy one. Walking up and down the stairs with a baby carrier and a stroller trying to catch the A train is not a joke.  Finding work that fits with our school and daycare schedule … a whole other topic. The baby sitter is not our mom (most of the time). The overcrowded Public assistance office that supposed to help us with finishing school sucks and it’s a hard cycle to crawl out of. (The system is designed to keep those who are down…Down) It’s no easy task ….Motherhood  I just wish television wouldn’t make it so “Hollywood”.

There are real people struggling out here..tell their story. Show how it really is and then watch us triumph over adversity.

Do you think I’m overreacting?

All the best


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