How to party like it was 1988 (with your kidz)

This past Sunday while I was getting prepared for the chaotic fun  that awaited me at the Broad Street Ballroom I  was bombarded by phone calls and text messages of what time we were meeting up, if the 1/2  off deal for the club was still going on and the directions (for the Umpteenth time) . Putting on my makeup while listening to the latest R&B jams was my routine for nights like this. But this wasn’t an average night where me and my friends go out for fun…..Matter of fact this wasn’t a night at all! This was gonna be an afternoon of F.U.N.  I slipped on my Neon green leg warmers and applied Hot pink hair spray to my daughter’s hair. Yes my daughter was coming with me … and my son.  We were getting ready for a Party  with Little Club Heads. This months theme was 80’s extravaganza!! and boy did CC’s kidz Mammas and Pops do it up. We had our own entourage and our Kidz was taking  over the stage. My daughter was a Punky Brewster type , my son; B- Boy and I….I was a Flash dancer  (no not that type) So much fun, so much dancing, so,so much ….80’s gear. Luved it!

Here’s some pics of the Crazy fun!!!

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