The boycott is almost over.

Was it our strength..this year?

I recently I have been a little confused of the lack of Woman’s history Activities  in NYC  and overwhelmed with the St.Patrick day/Mardi Gras and Purim activities. I like to give a variety of low-cost and free events for family to take advantage of. So I can’t help not to feel insulted when I see one of the activities   is to:  take the children to the 5 statues of women around the city….really??  I mean that’s great I can definitely make a day trip out of that. But museums???parks??? Non Profit Org …for women??? no posted activities for young women and men to learn from and have fun?? NO?

OK I’ll just continue teaching my kidz at home.

Next time I’ll just create my own CC’s Kidz event .

Have Fun!



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