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So I have been awarded the “Versatile Blogger” award, YAAAY! I’m OOOBER excited especially because I have never won anything before and because…well, I work Damn hard expressing my crazy parental moments and doing research on what cool places to go for free and then there is of course CC’s kidz the Non Profit on the way; so YES I am proud ūüôā .¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I shall give myself a pat on the shoulder Right…..Now.

Me~  Thank you CC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Me (again)~Your welcome CC

Thank you   K. aka BabyGirl from Pure Complex for this award (check out her wonderfully funny, upbeat ramblings of Art ,Music,Movies and More)

OK¬† so here are the Rules: If you win you have to pass this award to 1o other ‚ÄúVersatile‚ÄĚ bloggers. Contact each one letting them know they won; Share 7 facts about yourself; And thank and link the person who gave you this award. Sounds easy, right?! So here are 7 facts about me.

1: I love chocolate and Nut combination treats.

2: My pet peeves are linty sheets and Rough/unmanicured feet.

3: My kidz drive me crazy LOL!! (No seriously)

4: I couldn’t wait till my daughter reached the age when she could wash dishes (I hate washing dishes)

5: I’m a hopeless romantic in denial

6: I love Plum wine

7: I love when you make comments ūüôā

OK enough about me, The “Versatile” Award goes to….

SoulVegMama ~this first time mother and wife in  on a mission for balance and fulfillment  in all aspects of life. Home, life, body, soul and sisterhood.

Dailymaxam.com ~ A great place for opinions on all¬†things¬†entertainment. Ranging from film, music and books. Then¬†there’s his dating rambles…which are….hilarious!

Killahmamajama~ shes funny, young and a mother…. with a plan!

Mommydelicious ~ A young mother like myself overcoming the fears and preciousness of young Mommyhood. Luv It!

Mybrownbaby ~ Talks and confessions of being a parent of a “brown baby” Deep.

Playeverything~what does she do? she plays, and loves every minute of it  because it is her mission to promote children’s right to free, local and open-ended play.

ConfessionsOfaThinkAholic ~ She’s a thinker…and A funny one at that. Join her thru her thoughts on dating,poetry and just…venting.

Mommiesatplay ~ Single mom rants on what others think and why she doesn’t care. That how I see it anyway and I Luuv it!

Scarymommy.com ~ I think the title describes it. The facts about mommy hood…the good the bad and the ugly.

BedstuyBlog.com ~ being that this is where I’m from there¬† is so much information on local businesses, artists, and community challenges that I inhale daily. This is my hood.¬† Join me.

and again.. Purecomplex

Congratulations again!!

Make sure to visit these sites  and spread the love.



  1. Thanks CC!

    Nice to get some blog love and e included in this list of thee amazing women and mama bloggers. I’m working on my reciprocal post now.


  2. Thanks for the Daily Maxam and um this actually a great idea for creating blog awareness etc. Congrats on your nomination and keep spreading the good word about NYC being your child’s playground.


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