A crazy request…..

So here I am writing from my…Laptop (sad face) because my iPhone made its way to a toilet on one thinking  I was young again night (sigh). Today instead of making a bonding trip to the Habbana Outpost or to the Powerhouse arena or even to the Poets House. First stop we made it to the Apple Store . The kids did good there, especially because of  over sized laptops in the kiddie section  full of the latest children’s games. We were there for about 45 min. The outcome? Water damage of course (another sad face) Next stop mobile phone store. We spent an hour there. The outcome? Devastating. But that wasn’t my only problem. My kids acted like they have never been outdoors before. Running, yelling, screaming, standing on chairs, moving chairs,  arguing. Yeah…..I was pissed…… and embarrassed. The question is should I be? And don’t give me a nice answer because I can handle the truth. I was ready to go crazy in there. On the outside I looked calm and cool while disciplining them, talking to the customer representative and the store manager at the same time. Ya know, multitasking. But on the inside? I was a tea kettle ready to burst out steam!! How could my kids behave this way?  Am I too laid back as a parent??  Is my discipline not strong enough? I am not perfect and I’m overwhelmed at times when it comes to being a single mom of two so when someone asks me ‘how are the kids’ I say “driving me crazy as usual”…..They don’t know it but my kids actually do drive me crazy. This particular day it was mixed with embarrassment. After having a serious talk with them and punishing them to their room for the rest of the day without T.V./games privileges. I actually felt like it was the stores fault. They should have provisions for people with children at the site  so that the children may be entertained while the parent is taking care of business! and by saying this  I really  know now ,my kids have made me a Lil delirious to the realities of this world…in other words I know I’m wrong for even asking. But hey! can the world make it just a little easier for single parents?? Please? Geeesh.




  1. I can’t get over the fact that your iPhone went into the toilet. I don’t even want to know what you were doing lol. I think the world should make it easier for parents period but you know that won’t happen.


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