CC’s kidz Update

I know I’ve  been missing in action and boy Oh boy! I didn’t know how much I was missed…Until I read my emails dated 14 days back( yeah I know I suck) So I’m sorry šŸ˜¦ .

Here’s an update for all of my lovely, lovely people.

My daughter is now 10. The   majority of  her gifts were training bras and money. She ordered her new Bicycle the other day and its name is Buttercup…so cool.


My son had his stepping up ceremony and is now going

to Kindergarten (YAAY)


The papers are signed and CC’skidz is finally being represented by one of the finest Law Firms in NYC referred to me by NYLPI. I have been using this time  to refocus CC’s kidz and it has been a blessing.

My Mothers day?….. was anti-climatic. But hey that’s another Blog post.

CC’s Kidz the daycare is coming to a neighborhood near you ( which is in Brooklyn…because well Brooklyn is close… right?) Anyway, point is ..I have had my hands busy for the past weeks.

My mind had been bombarded with loads of tasks and ideas for this blog even though I have not been posting activitiesĀ  I haveĀ  gotten some really cool ones ANDĀ  deals (FREE of course) sent to my email and will continue to share them with you. It’s back to school shopping so I know you guys will be busy with that . In the meantime take a look at Little club Heads Monthly Parties (the place where I party with my lil ones and pick which event you will go too.

As Always,

Have fun with your Kidz!


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