Your a bad Parent!!! Why my opinion = fact…again

Every person who has a child is not meant to ….be a parent. Some parents are pretty decent they just make bad parenting choices.I mean we see them everyday…making bad choices with their kids. By all means I am NOT the perfect parent. But the difference between me and the some other parents (like the ones below) is that I actually strive to be better. Some people just don’t care. So here we go again with my Opinion = Fact info. However, this time I decided to add a little humor (thanx to Bad….Just a little. Bad Parents just need to make better choices,then they will be….. good better parents.

Now that is something that reeeelllly irks my nerves.(referring to the last picture) Sitting in the movie theater,(rated R) eating my popcorn or whatever I decide to stuff my face with that day and I hear a kid crying….WHHHYYYYY is your 3 year old with you in a movie deemed for ADULTS?? C’mon moms in dads  you gotta do better. If you don’t have a responsible baby sitter at home THAN YOU CAN’T GO OUT!!!! part of being a parent is sacrificing your wants and needs for the good of your child. I compare taking your child to a rated R movie like taking them to the Strip club.You couldn’t wait??


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