The real Boogie man…

…….The app on my phone is called  The Offender Locator by Life 360.  It lists and maps all of the sex offenders/pedophiles in my area.  I look at it weekly.  My kids know not to open the door while I’m taking a shower.  They must not open the door to….. anyone. They cant even go to look who it is. They can only watch PG rated movies and I make sure they have veggies on their dinner plate every night to protect them from undernourishment. Even if its just lettuce…I try. I warn them about talking to strangers . My 4 yr old knows our home address along with the between streets.  He knows to dial 911 in case of emergencies.  I look under the bed for the monsters before bedtime and adjust the night lite so the shadows wont come alive while I’m gone.  I put sunblock on them ..especially in the summertime to protect them from skin cancer (even though many people of my color find it useless).  I scowl at the people who smoke in the playgrounds.  I cover my babies ears when a shouting match turns into angry verbal abuse.  I told them about the bad men who broke many lives in half when the Twin Towers fell.  I even tell them about the neighborhood crack fiend …to stay away from him.  I prefer their friends to come over my house than they have play dates in some one else home. I’ve been having discussions with my daughter about peer pressure and real friends VS. friends not worth her time .  I told her about the guys who stand at the corner all day….everyday.  I told  her about drunk drivers and why its so important to pay attention when she crosses the streets.   She has a special way to walk home from school to keep her away from the drama of the streets.  I taught them about their bodies and about sex (age appropriate of course).  I try to warn them about all the boogie men and Boogie women outside of the home …because in the home with their parents they are supposed to be safe…..right? We are supposed to do everything possible to protect them from the real boogie men. The people they see everyday. The people whom they trust. The people who  they look up too…. A family member perhaps. It is part of  the Job description of being a mom…of being a dad.

What happens when this Job isn’t done and the child suffers?

My mom said “sometimes the Boogie man is right in front of our eyes and we have to protect our children from those who THEY trust the most”

Food for thought


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